"The greatest act of courage is to be and to own all that you are. Without apology,  without excuses and without any masks to cover the truth of who you truly are"
~ Lissa Rankin

True wealth is the ability to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want.  Anytime and anyplace!

Are you tired of putting in long hours building someone else's dream?

Do you have a burning desire to be doing your own thing but afraid to give up the security of a job?

Would an extra $500 or $1,000 a month make a difference in your lifestyle?

Is your income capped?

Do you have a solid Plan B for retirement?

If you want to chart your own course rather than catch the wind of someone else's sail; if you want to define your own definition of success; if you want to follow your passion and be your own boss, then you must take a personal stand.  Take a stand for cultivating your whole life; a life that is your creation, fulfilling, significant, filled with passion, love, joy and contribution and in my definition - true wealth.

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