We need more feminine energy in the world to bring balance to the patriarchal world we currently live in.  Find your authentic voice, trust your intuition, find joy, and happiness.

"A radiant women is a woman in her highest power, a woman who is bringing what she is meant to bring to the world."  
~ Regena Thomashauer

The Women’s Empowerment Circle is a community of women who want to have their voices heard, connect to their feminine power, trust their deepest intuition and change the imbalance in today’s society. We will do this through book discussions, experiences and individual stories to locate within ourselves the source of power and turn the light switch to our souls back on so they shine brightly in the world.

Our next book selection we will be reading is Regena Thomashauer’s newest book, “Pussy – A Reclamation” - it is a roadmap to your feminine power, radiance and joy. This book has been written “to reacquaint you with your own power source – both figuratively and literally. Drawing on Mama Gena’s 25 years of research into women’s history, experience and potential. You will discover how a women’s sensual awareness is critical for her spiritual, intellectual, and emotional health.” This book is in no way pornographic but insightful, a bit provocative, in shining a light on how our culture has conditioned us to dim our light. Let’s change this paradigm one woman at a time.  It is time to let your light shine!

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